SPANI - Professional Salon line to meet the basic needs of enterprises of beauty industry:

- high efficiency,
- simplicity of programs,
- interchangeability of medicines,
-high profitability at a reasonable cost.

Beauty, rehabilitation and anti-stress effects of all the programs fit perfectly in both standard and extended menu in the beauty industry enterprises. Natural ingredients + effective natural cosmetic technologies from TM SPANI are not just struggling with the problem, they stimulate self-healing. Helps the body to maximize physiological and safe resolution of this problem with you as a professional: aesthetician, beautician, nail service master..

Competent expert can perfectly master all the technologies of using preparations by himself using the catalog as a source.

Consumers of SPANI products and technologies:

Beauty Salons
cosmetology Schools
Medical spas and health resorts
Manicure and pedicure rooms
SPA-centers, SPA-hotels, SPA-salons
Massage centers and masseurs
Fitness & Welness-clubs