Face Cream “Intensive Nutrition”

50 ml

Designed for intensive nutrition, deep moisturizing, restoring optimum skin tone and its elasticity. Helps to reduce the effects of daily stress and pollution on the skin, it helps to prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging. Complex of moisturizing and protective components helps to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Recommended for autumn-winter facials.


Ежедневно наносить крем на предварительно очищенную кожу лица и шеи тонким равномерным слоем.


Bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-iron water, olivderm, azulene, butyrospermum parkii, apricot extract, betaine, panthenol, camomile extract, cetearyl alcohol and cetearyl glucoside, cocamide dea, grape seed extract, jojoba oil, ppg-20 methyl glucose ether, 2-phenoxyethanol, peach extract.

170 uah


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