Magnesium Oil

250 ml

Magnesium oil is a highly concentrated natural magnesium chloride for transdermal magnesium nourishing during rehabilitation or esthetic programs directed to restore beauty and health.

Area of Use: Magnesium oil is used for transdermal recovery of magnesium level caused by muscular pain, cramps, and joint issues. For chronical weariness and nervous overload. For varicose veins and for any stage of cellulite prevention. In injury, surgery or stroke recovery programs.

Action: Has a soft warming effect, improves microcirculation of blood and lymph. Improves tropism of muscular-sinew apparatus, decreases pain syndrome caused by musculoskeletal system issues. Increases flexibility of skin, muscles and blood vessels. Restores the energy of each cell in the body, stabilizes neural conduction. Improves metabolic processes, provides transdermal magnesium nourishment.

Restoring magnesium level via transdermal therapy using Magnesium Oil is a perfect way to introduce medicinal therapeutic doses of magnesium.

Volume – 250ml


1. Распылить масло, активно втереть в начале процедуры массажа.
2. Продолжить массаж с использованием массажных средств Spani PROFI.


Magnesium chloride, d-panthenol, olivderm, citrus medicalimonum peel oil.


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