Hot lifting chocolate

Mask of pleasure hormone for relaxing and lifting programs of the body. It is exclusive care and pleasure. It is not only exotic, that improves mood, but also it is the procedure that helps retain moisture in all layers of the skin.

  • The time of the procedure is 60 minutes.

Clean foam

1. Apply the foam to the body with massage movements;
2. Remove with the wet wipes.

Lipo-tonic caffeine

1. Apply with intensive massage movements on the treatment zones till absorbed for 5-7 minutes.
2. Do not wash off, immediately use scrub “Lipo-lifting caffeine.”

Body Scrub Lipo-lifting caffeine

1. Apply the scrub with massage movements.
2. Remove with a wet cloth.

Mask Hot Lifting Chocolate

1. Warm mask is applied with a brush or your hands, cover with the semipermeable film and any warmth.
2. After 20-30 minutes rinse with warm water and apply emulsion “Chocolate mystery”.

Breasts Emulsion Chocolate Mystery

Apply the cream on the skin until it is completely absorbed.


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