Lipo-modeling of the body

The active complex, which is due to drug lipolytic action, increases the effectiveness of subsequent anti-cellulite products on 30-40%. Intensive 7 – 10 procedures on alternate days. Supporting course 2 – 3 times a month. Steps 2 and 3 are contraindicated in hypertension, expressed varicose veins, vascular lesions of the skin in the affected area. Avoid drinking coffee and caffeinated beverages on the day of procedure.

  • Time of the procedure is 60 min.

Clean foam

1. Apply the foam to the body with massage movements;
2. Remove with the wet wipes.

Lipo-tonic caffeine

1. Apply with intensive massage movements on the treatment zones till absorbed for 5-7 minutes.
2. Do not wash off, immediately use scrub “Lipo-lifting caffeine.”

Body Scrub Lipo-lifting caffeine

1. Нанести скраб массажными движениями.
2. Снять скраб влажными салфетками.


Apply with intensive massage movements into zones of impact till fully absorbed.
The sensation of heat and light hyperemia is a guarantee of the effectiveness of concentrate.

Cold Mineral Wrapping

1. Apply and spread on the surface layer of 1-2 mm.
2. Make wrap with semipermeable film circularly in the direction of lymph flow for 30-40 minutes. Cover with some warmth.
3. Rinse with a wet sponge.

Anti-cellulite massage gel

1. The gel is used locally on problem areas with medium strength massage.
2. Remains of the gel after the massage is required to wash off.

Moistening Emulsion

Use after cosmetic procedures to restore the pH balance of the skin and moisturize the body, arms and legs.
Also used during a relaxing SPA-massage.


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