Multiacid metabolic body peeling

Metabolic multiacid body peeling (especially the loose skin of the abdomen, arms and legs) promotes deeper penetration of active substances, anti-cellulite, it accelerates lipolysis, stimulates collagen synthesis and strengthens the connective tissue, thereby enhancing the efficiency of wraps and massages, accelerating the desired result. It is advisable to conduct at least two procedures – in the beginning and in the middle of the course.

  • The time of treatment is 50 minutes.

Clean foam

1. Apply the foam to the body with massage movements;
2. Remove with the wet wipes.


After cleaning the skin, apply “AHA – tonic” with a brush on the zones of influence for 5 minutes until absorbed.

AHA peeling-gel ІІІ

1. After AHA Tonic to apply the gel with a brush on treatment zones under the film for 5-10 minutes.
2. At the end use wet sponge to remove.
3. Apply “Balm-mask-peeling for the body.” In 20 minutes rinse.
4. Apply “Moisturizing Emulsion.”

Balm Mask Peeling

1. Lightly massagin, to distribute mask layer on the surface of the body in 1-2mm;
2. Cover with a semipermeable film and cover for 20-30 minutes;
3. Mask remains wash with wet sponge.

Moistening Emulsion

Use after cosmetic procedures to restore the pH balance of the skin and moisturize the body, arms and legs.
Also used during a relaxing SPA-massage.


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