The program for legs Light legs

The program is aimed at removing puffiness and tired legs. Reduces pain when walking, strengthens walls of of blood vessels and stimulates the process of withdrawal of excess liquid.

  • Time of the procedure is 30 minutes.

Clean foam

1. Apply the foam to the body with massage movements;
2. Remove with the wet wipes.

Vein-tonic Aescin

1. Apply massaging the problematic areas of the body until absorbed, avoiding exposure to varices and area of trophic disorders.

Cold Mineral Wrapping

1. Apply and spread on the surface layer of 1-2 mm.
2. Make wrap with semipermeable film circularly in the direction of lymph flow for 30-40 minutes. Cover with some warmth.
3. Rinse with a wet sponge.

Moistening Emulsion

Use after cosmetic procedures to restore the pH balance of the skin and moisturize the body, arms and legs.
Also used during a relaxing SPA-massage.


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