SPA cryotherapy: natural cold in spa-technology

Basics of modern spa therapy are natural healing factors (minerals, plants, water, etc.), enclosed in a beauty spa products, is able to convey the effects of a natural source thousands of kilometers from its location. Spa-technology as a natural, they imitate, repeat nature of impact: for example, bath – swimming in the sea, wraps – a warming up on the sand or in hot mineral mud source, spa-peeling – cleansing sand, spa mask – food minerals and the SAP of plants, spa-cryotherapy mimics winter cold…

Medical cryotherapy: a view from the side

Popular method of cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is known for decades. What is actually the liquid nitrogen gives the skin? Traditionally, medical education beauticians have done their job – we are still hostages of chemical pharmaco-surgical extremes in their methods and hope for something powerful that “immediately” and “stronger”. Here petchem medicine unfortunate test subjects, who called her “clients”.

СПА-криотерапия природный холод в spa-технологиях фото

What is liquid nitrogen?

Recall that the temperature of internal organs +37, the skin temperature +30-35, water freezes at 0, people are killed while reducing body temperature to 32. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -196 degrees! In medicine it is used for preservation of anatomical specimens and for surgical destruction (i.e. destruction) of tissue. And they intend to destroy the creatures. The client’s skin after cleansing? Have you ever felt cold when in contact with liquid nitrogen? Probably not.

Simply because our body can not feel and perceive something that is alien to the essence of his being. In addition, cold of liquid nitrogen at a quick sponge bath just does not have time to penetrate deeper 0.5-1 mm of the skin – and it’s just the epidermis. Because the skin after the freezing, osteklenie. Cold receptors are deeper, otherwise you could feel the charm of this execution. What are we trying to do? Want revelation: we are making burn, more precisely – frostbite and coagulation (clotting) of the surface layers of the epidermis under the influence of extremely low temperatures, and therefore is a promising blockage of dead mouths of the sebaceous and sweat glands, and that it’s possible – frequent exacerbations of existing problems. Why? Because we moved aggressively medical technologies in regular cosmetic care.

Pricetension cryo-Spa

In natural conditions the response of the body of a mammal (including a human being) when cooling is aimed at the maximum preservation of heat the vital internal organs and brain. Nature provides a mechanism of spasm (contraction) of skin vessels to reduce blood circulation in it and consequently it ’ s heat loss. In the cold we immediately turn pale. The same thing happens with sebaceous and sweat glands – because as the moisture evaporates heat is lost and cold on the skin maximally isolates the internal environment, reducing the size and intensity of evaporation. Colloquially speaking – “pores” – big desire cosmetologists in combating problem skin. As you may have noticed that in the cold, the skin shrivels, covered with small accordion folds. It reduces fine muscle fibers of the dermis, reducing the area of contact with cold air, tightening and toning excess skin folds. Similar effect trying to achieve the most advanced and expensive hardware techniques, and the natural cold in mammals and man obtains this result most simply, and most importantly – for several million years. The muscles of the body also begin to vibrate, dispersing blood and lymph flow and trying to develop the necessary heat. Best anti-cellulite massage and not come up! Isn’t that an interesting reaction? Here are their uses and the SPA.

Even more remarkable reactions at the biochemical level. Originally in the cold metabolism slows down, because with decreasing temperature decreases the activity of enzymes. As in the stove: no heat – no fire. Vasospasm causes hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of the skin. It stimulates the growth of connective tissue, and the main element of which, as you know – hyaluronic acid…

Next comes the most wonderful: in the continuing action of cold surface blood vessels begin to grow – frostbite because the skin is fraught with big trouble throughout the body. We’re turning pink cheeks, it becomes hot. The metabolism of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and the whole body starts becoming more active.

Harmony with nature

Spa-cryotherapy involves the use of physiological response of the skin to natural cold: slows, then abrupt acceleration of blood flow and metabolism, spasm and muscle training, reducing and toning the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. For centuries the famous traditional recipes of beauty with rubdown with ice and snow. Hardening – is a useful procedure not only for immunity but also for the skin. In modern conditions, ice can’t freeze: spa uses the natural temperature (from + 5 to -18 degrees), the usual normal (normal) reactions of the organism, as well as cryoconite and Krimsky simulating the cold factor. They achieve almost the same results as the application of ice, but easier to use and contain a useful biologically active substances. There are methods used in Spa treatment and cosmetology, but they use the same liquid nitrogen, therefore, are expensive to operate, and they can easily replace a spa-preparations.

SPA cryotherapy for face

Cold effects of spa britanico and crimson designed for a natural “training” of the vessels and glands of the skin, leading to their muscular system in accordance with the normal function and tone. In the gym: if the muscles are weak and atrophic, good tone they need to load. There are no other ways natural training microscopic muscle glands and blood vessels of the face, except for cryo-Spa. Spa-cryotherapy can reduce the greasiness and the texture of the skin after vaporization and cleansing, but if it is used in combination with spa multiacid-peel, – significantly paleographie smooth out the scars. The advantages of spa technology in this case is to stimulate resolving scar tissue actions alpha and beta acids, in combination with microcirculatory effect krithika. If we are able to restore normal microcirculation in the skin, gradually improving the structure and metabolism of connective tissue. Cryo-tonic and cryo-mask act on the same receptors that are responsible for the main physiological cold response of the skin, so their effects are so similar to the effects of this cooling.

Approximate record of proceedings in General looks like this:

  1. The cleansing tonic;
  2. Steam vaporization (if necessary deep cleaning) or autorizacia under the mask (pore expansion by its own body heat);
  3. Mechanical or ultrasound (preferred) cleaning of pores – as the starting procedure in the correction of oily and problem skin; Or: multiacid peel (oily skin, acne and post-acne, anti-age) and injection free spa-mesotherapy (lifting and anti-age – program);
  4. The application of cryo-tonic (anti-age programs and for dry skin) or cryo-mask (for problem oily skin and rosacea);
  5. Finish protection and moisturizing (this function can do by yourself cryo-specimens).

СПА-криотерапия природный холод в spa-технологиях фото

Cleaning is made only once – in the first program. In the future, at the expense of toning the glands of the outflow of secretion occur independently.
Another advantage of spa cryotechnology is the possibility of their election, local actions in certain areas. Therefore, it is possible to adjust a mixed and combination skin, as well as individual problem areas, for instance – of the nose or forehead.

so, acne, post-acne, oily skin and rosacea – here are the main indication for the use of cryo-spa for the face. Cryotechnologies is able to tighten and reduce the amount of skin and along with injection free spa therapy are in the first places on efficiency, and most importantly – durability and safety lifting and anti-age effects of all cosmetic technologies.

SPA body cryotherapy

Cryotechnologies effective in body. Toning as small superficial and deep vessels greatly facilitates the task of correction. Stimulation of blood and lymphatic microcirculation is most effective with a combination of «cold» and «hot” programs. Impact occurs not only on vascular tone, but also on the actual lipolysis, whereby a stagnant body fluids and the products of dissimilation of fatty tissue are removed most effectively. Start the detoxification process, cleansing, and simply – “rejuvenation” of the skin and the whole organism. The same goal for centuries persecuted the bath with a broom (hot massage) and then rubbing with snow and bathing in ice-holes. In modern cosmetic Cabinet if cold mineral wrap alternates with light “sliding” lymph drainage massage, algae wraps, and hot, over the course of 3-5 just a one-hour programs can “carry” 5-7 cm circumference of cellulite your customers. Interestingly – the skin will not SAG, as if simply losing weight, and will go down in tone, tightly podtyanuvshy figure.

What else to tell you a secret? The secrets of natural cold in the hands of a beauty therapist – this is the cryo-SPA!

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