SPA-technology Anti-Age treatment

SPA – “sana per aqua” – “water cure” is a method of restoring health in ancient times, is today considered use many of the natural factors into cosmetic and health purposes. Although, in popular understanding, the SPA is for fun, really natural technology have high efficiency in the correction of primarily age-related skin changes. The trust of the population to natural ways of healing, and material prosperity, and with it the need to look good is growing from year to year.

Undoubtedly, nature is able to resist both natural aging, and environmentally and biologically unfavorable factors of our modern living environment. The basis of SPA therapy are natural healing factors, are enclosed in cosmetic and SPA products, is able to convey the effects of a natural source thousands of kilometers from its location. Thus, the concept of “SPA” today there is a series of cosmetic preparations, having a natural composition and application, supporting the natural recovery of the skin and throughout the body. SPA technology as a natural, they imitate, repeat natural impacts: bath – swimming in the sea, wraps – a warming up on the sand or in hot mineral mud source, SPA-peeling – cleansing sand, SPA cryotherapy mimics winter cold SPA mask – food minerals and the SAP of plants, etc.

How SPA technologies can resist to natural processes of skin aging not only individuals, but whole body?

SPA-технологии в Anti-Age терапии фото

The most ancient method of natural rejuvenation – bath and washing. This SPA balneo-therapy, i.e. the use of water and baths, combined with underground and sea minerals, aromatic oils and plant extracts. Minerals in combination with thermal effect hot water, provide natural stimulation of bioenergetic processes of the skin of the whole body, which is difficult to achieve with other cosmetic procedures. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the drug in the bath is higher, the more it contains valuable macro-, micro-and ultramicroelements in combination with essential oils and phyto-extracts with sedative and relaxing properties. Complex drugs made from many minerals minerals for “calm”, hot, bubble bath. Use a bath can not only in the cabin, arrange them at home.

SPA exfoliation involves the use of traditional natural abrasives – shell, salt, volcanic sand, etc., and modern metabolic peeling systems based on natural hydroxy alpha-, beta -, and amino acids. Recent studies have shown that for certain interactions and combinations of fruit and amino acids possible stimulation of the skin without delamination (exfoliation) of keratinocytes, and this discovery was a milestone in cosmetology – metabolic SPA multiacid-peel. At the SPA, peeling is avoided abrupt proliferation (cell division), no damage to the skin, accelerates skin rejuvenation, increased security procedures. System develop a multiacid peeling of the leading SPAS of the series, as for example, the joint Ukrainian-Irish SPA line “PAN”. The effectiveness of this peel, with the concentration of natural acids 10-15% (pH 2.5 to 3.0) compared with the use of active 50% glycolic products.

SPA phototherapy and photoprotection – оthe special problem of cosmetology, since the use of light and UV factor is able in small doses to help, but individually unnecessary – considerably complicate the condition of Mature skin. Protection of open sites and minimum photic stimulation of the skin of the whole body Solarium in the off-season Solarium – here is the recipe to use light as a natural source of health.

Non-injection SPA mesotherapy: using the natural effects of substances of low molecular weight and the natural properties of the skin to increase the permeability under certain influences, and SPA technologies available, the introduction of active drugs without injections, thereby eliminating dangerous parenteral the intervention of traditional meso-therapy. After all, for the healthy and young skin needs not only moisture, but – vitamins, minerals, amino acids and biologically active substances. This is a rare, exclusive technology, and the possession of such a tool rejuvenation – a real find for the beautician.

SPA-технологии в Anti-Age терапии фотоSPA-cryotherapy involves the use of natural response of the skin at a physiological cold exposure: the slow and then abrupt acceleration of blood flow and metabolism, muscle spasm, reducing and toning the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Different from traditional cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees!) that uses the natural temperature (-18 degrees), burns and coagulates the epidermis. Cryo-tonic, simulating the cold factor, achieve almost the same results as the application of ice, but more convenient to use, can contain valuable biologically active substances. Cold (cryo) effects of SPA medications are for a natural “training” of the vessels and glands of the skin, leading to their muscular system in accordance with the normal function and tone.

SPA-lift – the natural complex of technologies aimed at toning of the subcutaneous fat, reducing the amount of skin smoothing, or at least, reducing the depth of wrinkles. Includes the aforementioned technologies in combination with massage, anti-cellulite body wraps, herbal masks, etc.

SPA patronage and home SPA care – is a complex of measures aimed at preventing negative effects on the skin of environmental factors or incorrect use of the usual synthetic cosmetics. Believing that the normal cutaneous microflora and fatty oils are a natural barrier of the skin, the SPA do not use emulsifiers and aggressive Surfactants (creams, Soaps, stearates, lauryl sulfates, etc.), which in the end only provoke dryness and increased cornification of the epidermis, the overproduction and blockage of the mouth glands. Cleansing be carried out only with the use of natural Surfactants based on palm or coconut oils, and protection – application to the skin analogues own fatty grease.

SPA manicure and pedicure. Health and youthfulness of the skin of hands and feet – an important component of female beauty. Only SPA can give you the natural charm of the female pen, and the procedure itself – the pleasure of their mistress.

SPA-relax. Pleasure – mandatory emotional component of SPA treatments. Special experience and client comfort during SPA software will create an aura of peace of mind, “Nirvana”, a desire to experience it again and again.

Thus, the saturation of minerals, vitamins and biologically active substances, natural hydration and protection, use of natural mechanisms of regulation of sebaceous, sweat glands and vascular tone allow the technology to return the SPA to normal operation, all component parts of the skin, prevent aging and help restore its youth. Task practicing cosmetologist or salon Manager beauty – find the friendly, affordable SPA line of cosmetic natural products and to introduce elements of SPA treatment for their own material well-being and satisfaction of our clients. SPA – is a modern high-tech area of the cosmetology industry, is able to give stable and reliable results, a stable income and professional reputation of the specialist.

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