Anti-cellulite body wraps for health and beauty

Антицеллюлитные обертывания фото

Wrapping is one of the most famous and beloved by women of procedures in the correction. Wrap is attractive primarily because of the fact that almost immediately, within the first three days, reduces the waist and hips.

Anti-cellulite wrap is a highly effective professional treatments designed to meet all the reasons of emergence and development of cellulite problems and excess weight for the purpose of correction, and strictly directed to solving the problems of each specific client.

After a course of 10-15 treatments within 4-6 weeks, there has been a steady reduction, improvement of microcirculation of blood, increasing elasticity of the skin, and alignment of a skin relief.

Important component in the complex of spa programs along with massage is the wrap – effective and ideal tool to achieve the expected results. During this procedure, professional beauty products are also use. In confirmation of the effectiveness of body wraps it is possible to result following arguments.

1. 100% natural formulations.
It is important that the wraps do not use chemicals, and all products are environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients.

2. Penetration.
Raw materials mostly used method of micronization that makes the active ingredients easily accessible.

3. The influence of self-heating, cryo – and contrasting wraps.

Self-heating wraps are not only enjoyable and physiological procedure, but very useful – they dilate blood vessels, activate blood circulation, enhance the permeability of the epidermal barrier. Activating the sweat glands located in the skin by heating them, can affect the increased sweating and the excretion of various harmful substances from the body. Under optimal for this process a temperature of 40° C through the open pores of the sweat and sebaceous glands is double exchange: water soluble vitamins, active substances, trace elements and minerals penetrate deep into the skin and to the surface through open pores to remove waste products and toxins.

Антицеллюлитные обертывания фото

The procedure of hot wraps stimulates the process of lipolysis-the breakdown and excretion of lipids from adipocytes, dissolves and softens the dense fibrous bands in liposclerotic (cellulite), normalizes metabolism. Cold (cryo) wraps constrict and strengthen the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, stimulate detoxification (toxins and products of metabolism into the blood and lymph and are excreted by the kidneys and liver), relieve swelling, improve lymphatic drainage, improve skin tone, help to strengthen the tissues and weight loss. Usually the cold wraps are made locally, i.e. on any part of the body. Cold wraps in the first place are recommended to people with varicose veins. Through these procedures by acting on problem areas solve the local problems of excess weight, derived from excess tissue fluid and blood circulation. Especially cool displayed in the program whose professional activity is connected with long standing in uncomfortable position and wearing improper footwear, and also effective in the rehabilitation period after phlebosclerosing.

Contrasting wraps today are becoming more common. First apply a hot wrap for areas with dense fat layer, and then locally on the problem areas impose a cold wrap to tone up. Typically, these wraps are effective in areas with loose skin, and for toning skin after childbirth (but not during lactation), but also in the case of active weight loss and age changes. Thus, proper combination of massage and professional cosmetic products in spa treatments plays an important role in getting desired result for the client and for the expert.

Another way to achieve good blood flow and improving lymphatic drainage if above the knee, no varicose vessels – to make termocartagena the hip and cool on the shin. The resulting pressure differential operates as a pump, giving a good pumping of blood and lymph from the lower limbs.

Running the program for correction without fear you can work with the area of the buttocks, with the outer side of the thigh, where there are often so-called “ears”. There are varicose veins do not happen, so you can use hard techniques – toning, vacuum massage, termocartagena, and throughout the leg when you do this you should walk for lymphatic drainage massage.

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