Pregnancy and childbirth: support beautician

Prevention and postpartum correction of aesthetic problems

Recent years, amid a gradual improvement of the socio-economic situation, even despite the crisis, our women began to pay more attention to its primary natural essence – the birth of children. And the fact of pregnancy, of course, is reflected on the exterior, and not always the best way. Especially with regard to body shapes, and skin, shape and tone breast. Whether it matters to you, maybe to please the aestheticians, which has in its Arsenal enough funds to help such clients. What to do indeed? And when can I start?

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Without going into details physiological changes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue during pregnancy, prevention should start as early as possible. Well, if anything will tell an experienced gynecologist, something I will share with my girlfriends. Often skin problems are starting to pay attention late. How to make a of aestheticians the main object of concern about appearance during pregnancy? Age group 25-35 years – the most likely candidates in the pregnancy and to your account. Why not under 25? Because at a younger age problems happen less often, and think about them later. Pregnancy after 25 mostly is planned and conscious, and often – the second that motivates the woman to think about their aesthetic perspectives. Distribute (send) special leaflets offer prevention programs. If not them, then friends it is exactly by the way.

Body. In preventing the main thing – moisturizing and soft surface peeling. Physiological and cryotherapy of skin on the body. NMF (natural moisturizing factor) – preparations with urea, lactic acid, amino acids, polysaccharides give the skin of the abdomen, chest and thighs in a timely manner to stretch without tearing the connective framework, not forming striae. Peeling with AMFA’s complex (alpha-metabolic amino acids) will allow the skin gradually stretches with the growing uterus and increase in subcutaneous tissue, to synthesize the necessary collagen that strengthens the matrix. 10-15% complex of alpha – and amino acids penetrate deep into the dermis, but does not destroy the epidermal layer, and shows extremely metabolic, and not exfoliating properties. Peeling begin 4-5 months, individually selecting the zone and the exposure time (depending on the dynamics of increase in abdomen and hips volume), and is held every two to three weeks, or more often, selecting the exposure area. Cryotherapy procedures are a simple home or cabin rubbing ice cubes or frozen in the freezer cryoaccumulator. Natural cold (up to minus 10-15 degrees) supports the tone of blood vessels, which undergo the same stretching as the skin.

From the second trimester of pregnancy moisturizing treatments should be done no less than once a week, cool showers, ice rubdowns – being almost every day, and AMFA’s peel – every two to three weeks. For obvious reasons, be careful with used cosmetics – they consist of a mandatory minimum of chemical components. So, naturally, it is more appropriate to use SPA drugs, which inherently have the most natural composition.

Face. the tendency to Hyper-pigmentation protect skin gels with SPF, and be careful with acid peels – reaction to the impact can be the opposite from what is expected. Therefore, during pregnancy, nor any active preparations is not advisable to apply – only soft and moisturizing, but a solution will have to wait for later.

Overcoming postnatal problems

Беременность фотоFace: of pigmentation and puffiness. Urgent – the same AMFA’s peel, its concentration only pick up individually (from 10 to 30%). The younger the client, and the less pronounced pigmentation, the concentration is less, and Vice versa.

Swelling well-removed by cryotherapy (ice and special cryo-masks or cryo-tonics), and lifting chocolate. You can carefully (if breastfeeding) using caffeine-chocolate mask – in the periorbital area. It is useful to use products with phyto-estrogens. For skin tightening during weight loss necessary a plasticizer, and better – hardening lipo-shaping mask. After 27-30 years of age also need to include non-injection mesotherapy – at least once a month. It is necessary for the nutrition of the deeper layers of the skin vital metabolites and trace elements, without which it cannot function fully and to recover. In any case do not suggest or multineedle injection perforating techniques – risk of unforeseen complications with the hormonal and metabolic changes.

Shaping. One of the most pressing issues of postnatal care. Use the classical scheme of anti-cellulite therapy: the combination and the alternation of cold, hot, thermoactive, algae wraps. And the more will use diverse on the impact of the programmes – the better. Be sure to include AMFA’s peels – they likewise stimulates the collagenogenesis the skin of the whole body, as individuals, contribute to its uplift and to bring to tone while loosing weight. Very relevant phyto-estrogens – after birth is the natural deficiency of its own hormones, which complicates the recovery of female skin. So try to use herbal / mineral tonics and masks with the content of the extracts of hops, soy, licorice – both for the face and body.

Do not forget about physical activity and fitness – they greatly accelerate the achievement of the desired effect. During breastfeeding be careful with diets – the curtailment of the diet can adversely affect the nutritional value of breast milk. Limitations – caffeine preparations: the dose absorbed through the skin, the caffeine will penetrate into the milk and may cause anxiety in the baby.

Tone and restore breast forms. While under-feeding – the breast requires the least amount of impacts. Of reasonable – a rubdown with ice and NMF moisturizing, don’t forget to warn the mother about careful hygiene, washing away the remains of good drugs. To start active actions you need when the signs of decline of milk production and reduce the volume of the chest – that would not prevent a sharp sagging. To do this, use a special chocolate mask – first, they are natural, and secondly, have a really powerful lifting effect. Developed complex herbal-mineral preparations containing cocoa extract containing tonic substances caffeine free, potentially affecting the composition of milk and on the baby. However, between treatments and feeding at least 2-3 hours. Just use AMFA’s peel – with the same purpose, and when all the postpartum problems – to stimulate the production of collagen. The optimal combination of programs in the two-week course is as follows: procedure 2 AMFA’s peeling + 2-3 lifting chocolate mask + 1-2 procedures for moisturizing. Independently – issued (purchased) drugs + rubbing ice daily at home.

Беременность фотоHardware techniques. Vast majority of hardware methods is undesirable and moreover, banned for use on the chest. Only possible with the use of moderate vibration and a vacuum massage and a minimum capacity of ultrasound. The latter, in combination with SPA-drugs significantly increases their own efficiency, and very good tones and tightens the middle layer of skin. The same ultrasonic micro-massage, but in a more powerful modes, it is expedient to use in the process of correction. Others, including new-fangled, hardware methods are radio frequency lifting (face, body, but not Breasts!), electromotoare the non-injection (electroporation) special SPA products, as well as the complex impact that provide a SPA-capsule. In this setting the diversity of influences (infrared heating, hydrotherapy, vibromassage) are combined with SPA body wraps – cold contrast, mineral, Thalasso mineral, thermoactive.

Age pregnant women, especially nulliparous. To their skin and appearance in General, the stress of pregnancy can result in both positive (anti-aging) and age-potentiating effect. Therefore, in your interest at the slightest hint of future or already the actual pregnancy to warn and motivate a client in need of preventive cosmetics. From the two arguments will work: a) in twenty years it is hoped that all will recover itself, and after 30 is not so simple… b) domestic (retail) funds may contain are not indifferent and can be potentially dangerous to the fetus components, so the best and safe solution – a SPA program in your office. So if your clients want to maintain and even beautify your appearance pregnancy – may visit a beautician!

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