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Features of male and female cosmetology actually lie not so much in physiology or medicines, but in mentality, emotions, and habits of men, marketing and service  services. Whatever you use, whatever assembled the cabin, if you are a woman and think like a woman, respectively, suggesting a purely ‘feminine” services. Men don’t go to them willingly.

So, the difference – in psychology:

Двое в салоне красоты фото

The comfort Women need to communicate with their own kind and the variety of new experiences. In social terms, a woman needs to maintain beauty and youth. The age of the woman embarrassed, but the health problems are eager to share with others. The woman is not  against to try something new, even if I have to suffer discomfort and even pain. The biggest problem women ’ s weight, cellulite and wrinkles.

Man – individualists. To relax the man have privacy and quiet. In society, man needs to look prestigious. Man important personal service. His domain – age, status and health. But he just wants to look younger than their age. In the habits of men – conservatives.  They  less care about their appearance, and having reached a certain social status in the first place will try to forget about the blisters on his hands.

As a specialist in the beauty industry, the woman will offer new experiences, give an unforgettable experience, give me something to chat about with friends. The man also organize privacy, relax and respite will help to solve health problems (back, muscles), «over” favorite procedure, emphasize the promotion of its status and social capital in the eyes of others. Quite possibly SPA – what you need.

Today, the term “RA”, however interpreted, means natural ways to restore health and beauty. Whether it is exotic massage in overseas countries, be it hot baths or medicinal springs, whether it is a 30-minute thermal circuit at the master of nail service  using the forces of nature is RA . And does not necessarily have a tidy sum in your pocket to afford to touch the mysterious world RA. Actually RE available here and now…

Nature, but only in your office,  this is the essence of “RA”. Take it of his aides and advisers — and you will see happy eyes of your visitors. This will help professionals RA-series, which has kept the forces of nature in professional medications and was told for you and your clients all the properties of natural sources. And remember! Men also want to have beautiful hands, but still afraid of sharp tools. They also want the prestige and enjoyment that can give them you – master RA manicure.

Двое в салоне красоты фотоThere are just a few of the services that the men go willingly bath and Jacuzzi, massage (for relaxation and rehabilitation of the back), SPA-manicure and SPA-pedicure.

Thus, you professional, seriously intending to do male clients, I advise you to start with different price lists – pink and blue. Pink on the cover – flowers and blue – the ships and tanks. It’s like “M” and “G” – from the beginning, and up to the different accessories. Start small, slowly pulling the male customers in the habit of caring for your hair and your health and  appearance.  status male will pay more than a woman for beauty.

So, if you’re going to keep up with the times and a little ahead of the competition – look for them RE technology and quickly offer their customers. They will thank You!


RA technologies in practical work of the masters of nail service:

  1. Based on the biological function of the skin and any systematic causes severe damage to regeneration, namely, the increased cell division and commitment to rogoveanu or scarring. RA used in scrubbing, i.e., removal of the soft callus that causes rapid regenerative response. Eliminates the need for regular cutting and cleaning of corns – the client is coming to you for regular care pleasant and fun.
  2. In RA virtually no threat of infection because there is no deep damage to the skin and a cutting instrument.
  3. Professional RA drugs promote normal growth of healthy nails, allowing better hold acrylic and gels, however, it speeds up the need for the correction of artificial nails due to the rapid growth of its own.
  4. RA takes care of the entire surface of hands and feet to the elbows and lower legs, concealing age-related changes, making the skin more youthful and attractive.
  5. RA can help with pain in the joints of the hands and feet, improve circulation, alleviate foot fatigue.
  6. Professional RO technology does not have to be exotic or sophisticated, natural care primarily involves natural drugs and natural methods of their use. RA drugs must be affordable to our customers, and the purpose of each step RE technology should be simple enough to use.
  7. RA is not only effect, but pleasure and gratitude to your master.
  8. RA is a huge step in the expansion of competences, the status of the master and the image of the salon, maintaining interest in visiting regular customers, a chance to attract the attention of new consumers.

Who owns affordable (affordable for their customers) SPA series and applies it in terms of quality service for its customers, has strong financial result.

Based On the book “SPA-the main intrigue of the cosmetics market”
Published with the support of TM Spani.

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