Mesotherapy without pain

Method injection free mesotherapy is gaining more fans among cosmetologists and their clients. And no wonder, because one of its main advantages – painless and minimal recovery time after the procedure.

The method of insertion into the skin of active substances without the use of injections used for the prevention and fight against aging skin, to treat hyperpigmentation and acne. During the procedure, injection free SPA-mesotherapy for active substances used do not puncture the epidermis, and “gate” the skin – sebaceous and sweat glands. It is through their mouth into the skin is supplied with the necessary substances, and at a sufficiently great depth. Thus, needle-free mesotherapy provides health, long-lasting lifting effect and a real rejuvenation of the skin without damaging the skin tissues.

Мезотерапия без боли фото

Natural therapy

Most cosmetic preparations influences only the superficial layers of the skin. Because these funds are included in the ingredients hardly penetrate through the skin barrier the epidermis, their effect is quite short. Therefore to ensure a satisfactory tone the skin required a new dose of water, lipids, moisturizers cosmetics. “to Force” of the skin, accustomed to the regular flow of metabolites from the outside, independently to develop the necessary structure by using the method of non-invasive (injection free) mesotherapy. Its essence – combined action of biologically active substances (amino acids, vitamins, minerals) with the effects on the skin of heat, steam, cold and water. With the help of these natural forcings, adequate occurring in the body biological processes, introduce natural substances vitamins, minerals, metabolites affect all the structures and the deeper layers of the skin.

Due to the small size of the molecules, the active substance is freely and deeply penetrate into the ducts of the glands, where they are absorbed and distributed into the middle skin layer-the dermis. They help the skin retain moisture and fully develop the main element of the matrix – collagen. As a result of these processes the skin without “crutches” to independently restore tone and their potential.

Mechanisms of action

We know that for the normal functioning of the cells in our body require oxygen and nutrients-proteins, fats, carbohydrates. However, the most important part of the sustenance cells are micro-components – vitamins, neurotransmitters, metabolites, coenzymes (for the most part – minerals and trace elements). Without their participation even secured the major nutrients, the cell is doomed to rapid aging. Losing valuable nutrients, the skin replenishes them with great difficulty, as, for example, the epidermis is poorly supplied. Recall that beriberi is primarily manifested in the form of dryness and cracking of the skin, Hyper – and parakeratosis, capillary fragility and, consequently, premature aging of the skin. Fill in the number of micrometeorites, basic plant life processes of the skin, without the use of injections. the main purpose of the SPA-mesotherapy.

It is Known that for certain ratios of amounts of biologically active substances in a nutrient substrate, the cell comes to life, enhancing its biological functions. The same happens with the skin by an injection free mesotherapy: increase microcirculation and energy metabolism, is increased turgor, helps to normalize the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, disappears pigmentation, cornification is reduced due to the redistribution layers of epidermal cells towards the basal, younger and healthy.

Мезотерапия без боли фотоMethods of procedure

The SPA Philosophy the naturalness of the effect, so the technique of the procedure SPA-mesotherapy is quite simple and understandable by beautician. Its cost is relatively small: a specialist will not require additional costs for accessories and sophisticated equipment.

Treatment Protocols typically consist of 3-5 steps: gentle cleansing; opening the orifices of the glands vaporizers tonic; skin preparation mesotheca to increase its permeability; the application of finished formulation for mesotherapy on the skin under a semi-permeable film; applying kromski or kriotehnika to create a cooling effect and reduce the final permeability of the skin.

Analog injection free Procedure of mesotherapy are held 1-2 times a week. Lifting effect after a course of 3-5 programs SPA-mesotherapy usually persists for 3-4 months. Thus, a year would require 3-4 courses consisting of 3-5 programs, and it can be done for many years. Especially effective is the integrated use of injection free mesotherapy with other methods: multiacid peeling, SPA therapy, anti-Ada lift, antiacne programs (in accordance with the nature of the problems that concerns the client).

Benefits of mesotherapy injection free

  • After the first impact can be observed as a fast effect and lasting improvement of the skin up to smooth out pitted acne scars and cicatricial deformations.
  • In some cases correction of not only age, but also gormonozawisimah States, the technique is feasible in the correction of problematic skin.
  • The Skin during the procedure is not injured, it does not leave marks.
  • The relative ease of implementation, painless and safe method increases the number of loyal customers.
  • Regular, 2-3 times a year, the procedure provides a long – lasting lifting and anti-aging effects.
  • Low cost of consumables and no need in expensive equipment make this technology extremely cost-effective.

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