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“Have you heard about good professional makeup. Women want to buy and become beautiful on their own and will spend a minimum of money”. Such conversations we, as the professional salon business, hear very often and usually we are not able to confront them properly and explain to the customer: “without professional assistance it is very difficult to achieve the desired result”. A closer look at this issue and advise the specialists of the correct answers in this difficult dispute between a professional and consumer.

Client: “Maybe it is enough to buy professional cosmetics and at home try to improve your appearance?”

Beautician: «Professional cosmetics designed for use by cosmetologists with special education. For effective results, which we will reach with a complex, required specialized training in the form of master classes given by professional cosmetics. I have the diploma about passage of such”.

Client: “Well, very simple case: there are instructions on site and pictures for the use of professional cosmetics. Just buy and use”.

Beautician: “There is an instruction, but it is designed for professionals who are familiar with makeup. It’s kind of a cheat sheet, a reminder, or an introductory course for beginners who are preparing for the master class. There are many additional questions that are clear only when communicating with the consultant”.

Косметика СПАНИ профи фото

Client says to esthetician: “Ok, I’ll read a lot on the Internet, get on a master-class and ask all the questions to the consultant”.

Beautician: “You will not be admitted to a professional master class and over the phone the consultant will understand that speaks to the layperson”.

Client says to beautician: “I have counted the cost of cosmetics, why is it so expensive procedures”.

Beautician: “You have calculated the cost of one procedure, and I make you complex. The cost of the procedure in addition to the cost of cosmetics laid my professionalism, which consists of your safety and effectiveness of procedures performed”.

We wish you success in the difficult struggle for recognition of your professionalism.

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