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Often as it happens before the holiday, talks about their figure. What if before the trip or celebration there are only 5 days? Don’t give up! And Vice versa, rolling up the sleeves, if not to lose weight, then toning the subcutaneous tissue, improve the tone and turgor of the skin. By the way, dramatic weight loss in such cases, the most harmful – the skin will SAG, and externally (especially in tight clothing) will look even worse. So the important thing in the Express programs – lifting. There is no professional salon spaprogram not do!

1. Urgently go to your salon and ask what you can do to help. If the master only offers body massage – feel free to look for another. There is no doubt – to get a rapid effect, the therapist will apply brute effort that could lead not only to bruises under the skin and small hemorrhages in the thickness of adipose tissue. And this is the 4th stage of cellulite! Thank you to tell him. Therefore, in the Express software the main thing – the combination of lung sliding lymphatic drainage massage with wraps. The last break down fats, enhance microcirculation, target massage – quickly take products of metabolism from the tissues into the blood and lymph. To do this, a lot of effort and pretentious “PA” need not apply.

2. Combination body wrap and massage time should be about 2:1, i.e., for example, 40-50 minutes wrap, and then – 20-30 minutes of lymph drainage massage.

3. There are 3 Wraps «hot», «too much”, “tabs” – breaks down fats, “cold” – enhancing the lymph flow, “seaweed” and ‘mineral’ – the detoxifying and toning, lymphatic drainage “bands” – compressing the fiber, “chocolate” – firming loose skin. I.e. every kind of wraps does something special. Therefore, the main principle – a sequential combination of different types of wraps for complex effects. Then, you can get quick and lasting results. For example, mineral-algae body wrap “Cocoon” can remove up to 4 cm per hour program, but to fix the result on the next day, “cold” wrap or “lifting-chocolate”. Wraps can be combined with hardware vibration and vacuumdelay massage – he is required lymphogranuloma functions.

4. Reasonable combination and sequence of such wraps: on the first day ’ s metabolic multiacid peels to enhance the skin permeability to the active substances, then the “lifting-caffeine” or “tabs” wrap. The next day – algal “Cocoon” with tires, the next – “cool” with limfogranulema massage. If you can afford – go for chocolate wrapping, but only on the condition that the chocolate does not need heating, i.e. ready for use, is in a pasty condition, like lines SPANI. Then its active substance well penetrates through the skin and indeed have excellent lifting effect. This complex can for 4-5 days to remove 5-7cm, and after the reduction to tighten the skin.

Отпуск фото5. In some salons you may be asked to undergo a session in the SPA capsule. This is a really good machine, but only again – the actual effect on volumes can only give the integrated effect. Therefore, the SPA capsule after infrared heating specialists are competent mineral or seaweed wraps, then – vibrating, then – needle shower, and finish – a hot tub with mineral-aromatic concentrate. This combination of course, expensive in cost, but significantly increases and accelerates the effect.

6. If you are in the gym, stop pooping the entire body – comes after intensive physical loads appetite can ruin all previous efforts. First, pay attention to problem areas, for this can consult with the instructor, and let’s take a common reasonable aerobic exercise on a stationary bike or elliptical. It is necessary for the intensification of metabolic processes and increased excretion of fluid – but not through the skin and through the kidneys. Therefore to bring yourself to sweating need no.

7. don’t forget about the décolleté, neck and hands – they are “visual” witnesses of their age and health as the face and body. Express care for hands, face and neckline can be given simultaneously with wraps – this will significantly save both your time and money.

8. Take in the beauty tools home care – tonic, shower gel, scrub with a lifting effect, foam baths – they will help maintain the effects of salon programs. Spend Spa care homes – remember pleasant hours spent in your salon.

9. If you have in stock for a month, then the rate of multiacid peeling SPANI mi 2-3 different types of body wraps with lymph drainage massage repeat each week – then you’ll get amazing durability and visual effect, the result. The only trouble – you may have to change clothes.

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