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SPA technology in the work of the master of manicure and pedicure

The Usual manicure and pedicure have become routine services of each hair salon. Once new-fangled technology of nail extension today have mastered most of the manicurist, and now, not surprisingly, to do artificial nails without leaving his apartment. Painted the nails out erotic temptation, becoming financially available to almost everyone, turned into a routine. Sometimes, not knowing the steps in the refinements, they are a shadow of vulgarity of their mistress. Increasingly, there are modest, unassuming neat nails on finely manicured hands…

What’s waiting for the nail market? What trends in society? Who thinks about tomorrow’s fashion?

Маникюр фотоInvisibly in Vogue theme “SPA”. Advertising popular RA-cosmetics sounds from the TV screens, RA-exotic full strip women’s magazines, many professional cosmetic lines by at least one third presented in the niche “RA”, even massage therapists learn the elements of professional  anti-cellulite SPA wraps for its clients. Only nail market, revelling in the achievements and precisas polymer nail design, is hard not to notice the desires of their consumers. Our craftsmen in their traditional proslavilsya punitive-cutting methods, and master the currently trendy nail design and do not bother to comprehend something more. But fashion is fleeting. And following the changing moods of consumers manage to keep up just ahead. Masters and managers of salons, have time to reflect on all the possibilities of the use of your seat. Because the sanitary-epidemiological situation leaves much to be desired. Not only exquisite nails, but safety, fun, fresh well-groomed skin of the hands and feet of every self-respecting women – that’s the trend today.

What is RA today what idea of RA has a manicure and his client, and how realistic is it to have RA in your work? Whether RA manicure?

Today, the term “RA”, however interpreted, means natural ways to restore health and beauty. Whether it is exotic massage in overseas countries, be it hot baths or medicinal springs, whether it is a 30-minute thermal circuit at the beautician in the salon – RA is the use of the forces of nature. And does not necessarily have a tidy sum in your pocket to afford to touch the mysterious world RA. Actually RA is available to us here, now, as well as available to many of our Pani.

What can professional RO technology to give the manicure or pedicure, what benefits they can bring to the salon that they will be good surprised by your clients?

Маникюр фото

You wonder why your nails no longer break even after a week’s holiday at the sea? Why did you rest your body and soul, why does the skin become clean? Just all – nature did it!

Nature, but only in your office – it is the essence of “RA”. Take it of his aides and advisers — and you will see the surprised eyes of your visitors. This will help professionals RA-series, which has kept the forces of nature in professional medications and was told for you and your clients all the properties of natural sources.

Just beware: not all drugs can actually be called RA. RA under newfangled names can hide Pribluda – at least creams, ointments, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances, with nevyhovovaly hee chemical components cannot be attributed to natural and expect them to nature of action. If you go to the store and see there entire Windows “RA” – rather not believe. Not so easy – true RO available only from the hands of the professionals.

Professional RA What role technology can play in the practical work of a manicure and pedicure?

  1. Based on the biological function of the skin and any systematic causes severe damage to regeneration, namely, the increased cell division and commitment to rogoveanu or scarring. RA used in scrubbing, i.e., removal of the soft callus that causes rapid regenerative response. Eliminates the need for regular cutting and cleaning of corns – the client is coming to you for regular care pleasant and fun.
  2. In RA virtually no threat of infection because there is no deep damage to the skin and a cutting instrument.
  3. Professional RA drugs promote normal growth of healthy nails, allowing better hold acrylic and gels,  however, it speeds up the need for the correction of artificial nails due to the rapid growth of its own.
  4. RA takes care of the entire surface of hands and feet to the elbows and lower legs, concealing age-related changes, making the skin more youthful and attractive.
  5. RA can help with pain in the joints of the hands and feet, improve circulation, alleviate foot fatigue.
  6. Men are less care about their appearance, and having reached a certain social status in the first place will try to forget about corn hands. Thus, the question of attracting male clients were most promising, with the initial proposal RE-hand care.
  7. Professional RO technology does not have to be exotic or exquisite   natural care primarily involves natural drugs and natural methods of their application. RA drugs must be affordable to our lady, and the purpose of each step RE technology should be simple enough to use.
  8. RA is not only effect, but pleasure and gratitude to your master.
  9. RA is a huge step in the extension of the competence and status of the master and the image of the salon, maintaining interest in visiting regular customers, a chance to attract the attention of new consumers.

So, the topic RA in manicure and pedicure is becoming increasingly important. Using accessible, understandable and simple enough in the training series must be supported by competent marketing steps for achieving moral and material success.

What give RA technology You and your customers?

  • Care not only for the nails, and the entire skin of the hands and feet – expand your competencies, heating of the additional income.
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, softening the feet – anti-aging effect comparable to cosmetic procedures.
  • Natural ways to remove calluses and cuticles without cutting and sawing tool – without the danger of infection themselves and the client, lack of fear of injury.
  • Expand your therapeutic options – many professional RA drugs ease the fatigue in the muscles, pain in joints, congestion in the veins. You become a beautician therapist!
  • Recovery and acceleration of growth of the nail plate – will receive the gratitude of the client.
  • IN RA are both available drugs – scrubs, oils, bubble soak , paraffin mask, and are quite expensive – hot chocolate, marble sand, lifting gels. There are plenty to choose. Focus on their customers.
  • sure – manicured hands and perfectly combined with acrylic and gel, and nail design, and Vice versa.
  • RA program is simple and straightforward: soak, scrub, mask or paraffin baths, light massage, removal of cuticles, moisturizing finish.
  • by the Way, care for your hands, start working with men. They also want to have beautiful hands, but still afraid of your clippers and nail files. They also want the prestige and enjoyment that can give them you – master RA manicure. They are willing to repay.
  • RE – this is your new status in the eyes of colleagues. RA – this is your step up, your new image and customer respect.
  • RE – it’s nice you and your customers, it’s easy and affordable. RA – it is fashionable and prestigious!

So, professional RO technology should be accessible, understandable and fairly easy to learn and use. If you’re going to keep up with the times and a little ahead of the competition – look for them RE technologies as soon as possible and offer them our lords and lady. They will be grateful.

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