Relaxing massage with clubs

Релаксирующий массаж с булавами фотоA relaxing massage with a harmonizing effect on the body will become popular in the offer of a massage. And the use of special candles and maces will make an extraordinary flavor and will have a relaxing and anti-cellulite effects.

Even the ancient philosophers said: “a Healthy man may consider himself only if he does not need neither a doctor nor a massage therapist”. Herodotos (484-425 BC) was the first Greek doctors who tried to give a physiological basis of massage.

This work was continued by Hippocrates (460-377 BC), checking in practice many of the theoretical background. Hippocrates wrote: “the Physician must be experienced in many things and, among other things, and in massage”. An especially high place he assigned the kneading, by which the “relaxed joint gets stronger and tight is a moving”. In ancient Greece, massage was considered the most important means of preserving and restoring health, removing fatigue from the muscles. The influence of massage on the nervous system is very diverse and depends on the degree of irritation of the receptor devices, the applied massage techniques, duration of exposure, place of application, the individual client. For example, using the vibration to strengthen the nervous system, stroking and rubbing – calm.


Релаксирующий массаж с булавами фотоIt is very important to prepare the place where you will be working with the client, depends on the degree of relaxation, the feeling of security and comfort. Would be appropriate soothing light, quiet music, lit aroma lamp (aromatic sticks), well arranged and lighted candles. For each massage has its own degree of work with candles. This fire, which means that it can affect the cleansing of the body, sedation or recovery. The music in this case is a vibration that “light” emotions or calm, so for the whole treatment, the therapist should be prepared musical composition in which there are transitions from relaxation to restore the body to both client and specialist performing massage. From the beginning to the end of the work between the therapist and the client there is an energetic connection.

And the master is a conduit between the energy and the client. This proprietary technique has a positive effect on the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, increases strength and endurance of muscles.

Duration of treatment – two hours, but under the accelerated procedure can last 30 minutes, it all depends on for what purposes and under what conditions do massage. When the procedure is utilized TM Spani, but is possible to use other cosmetic products.


1. Presses down on a point Yes-Joo (between the spinous process of the VII cervical and thoracic vertebrae I), which releases energy passage to relax the back muscles and the free movement of energy through the body (photo 1).

2. Synchronize breathing with the breath of the client. Please note: relaxing massage with harmonizing effect on the body will become popular in the offer of a massage. And the use of special candles and maces will make an extraordinary flavor and will have a relaxing and anti-cellulite effects. Relaxing massage with clubs Photo: Kosmetik International Verlag GmbH KOSMETIK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 19 the breath you take energy, and when breathing out – give, while she passes from the bottom upwards and Vice versa.

Релаксирующий массаж с булавами фото

3. Try to balance the breath, feel the heartbeat of the client and the warmth of his body. When a customer is uptight and cannot relax, these exercises will help to improve the effect of the procedure.

4. The impact on the point of Shendao (between the spinous processes of fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae) will help to soothe and calm your breath the client to reduce body temperature by 1 degree. When the temperature of the body and alignment, breathing person falls asleep).

5. Start the massage with the rhythmic swaying of the client (2).

6. Perform massage of the left leg, all the movements are smooth, gliding (don’t forget about the play of the hands and feet) (3).

7. Apply with gentle circular movements «Mineral foam” for the body lather and covered with foil for 10-15 minutes (4).

8. Energy zones along the spine to cleanse the chakras are putting lighted candles into the barrels on the following energy points (5), Hsuan-Shu (between the spinous processes of I – II lumbar vertebra) has an impact on back pain, sexual potency, is used for diseases the female genital organs; – point Zhong-Shu (between the spinous processes X-XI thoracic vertebrae) is used for pain in the lower back with limitation of movement, kidney disease, reduced visual acuity, fatigue; point Lin-tai (between the spinous processes of VI-VII thoracic vertebrae) is used in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, back pain, tension of the occipital muscles; – the point Shen Zhu (between the spinous processes of III-IV thoracic vertebrae) – in chronic coughs, and diseases of the brain and spinal cord, neurasthenia, night terrors. In ancient times it was believed that the fire – this deity. He gave people warmth and comfort, but there were moments when it was used for evil, the power – this is always a coin with two sides. In this method, fire is used as heat, as a force that, warming up of energy points, will help to open the chakras. The process of purification lasts for 5-10 minutes.

9. Extinguished candles, barrels for some time leave for points (6). The compositions of the candles varied: they can be herbs, oils, and aromatherapy should be unobtrusive. Candles are selected individually for each patient.

10. Removing the candle, washed the foam and promotive the body with a dry towel.

11. Clearing and preparing the skin for further work using the peeling will pass on the points to speed up the flow of energy: • hands – Zhong-Chun (the end of the nail phalanx of finger III) (7); • on your feet – Yun-Quan (center of the sole in the fossa between II and III metatarsal bones).

12. To synchronize the flow of energy in the body soedinyaet two points Yes-chzhuy (between the spinous process of the VII cervical and thoracic vertebrae I) and Yao-Yang-Guan (between the spinous processes of IV – V of the lumbar vertebrae) that leads to balance and peace of mind.

13. Sliding movements apply the “balm-mask” and run it. The mask allows you to work easily and naturally. Hands glide to the music of waves, transition in circular motion occurs in the shoulder blade area. Hands painted on the body, just as the artist on the easel. Pay close attention to each movement. At this stage, the work of the masseur can include lymphatic drainage techniques: right hand on left shoulder blade, left hand on the right foot, wave-like movements bring hands to the pelvic region and Vice versa – that we help flush the body of excess water and toxins (8, 9).

14. Covered with foil for most of the ingredients under the body temperature does not evaporate.

15. Start vibrating massage clubs, helping the muscles to relax. This is a good study on zones and points connected. Strikes are easy, without fanaticism. Easy roll allows you to relax and also problem areas. Carefully study the gluteal muscles and muscles of the posterior thigh that is very popular with customers (10).

Релаксирующий массаж с булавами фото

16. Carry out point massage, clubs, Phillips (11).

17. Finish the job clubs massage of the muscles along the spine (12).

18. After 20-30 minutes wash off the mask and wipe your body again.

19. The next step – relaxing spa-massage moisturizing cream to restore the skin pH.

20. After this relaxing massage is necessary to restore the health of the client, Tao-Tao (between the spinous processes I-II thoracic vertebrae) is responsible for stress relief, the release of breathing (13). point Fay-Shu (on the level of the gap between the spinous processes of III-IV thoracic vertebrae) is used to improve blood circulation, normalize the flow of oxygen to the brain (14). point Jian-Jing (on the dorsal midline at the level of the gap between the spinous process of the VII cervical and thoracic vertebrae I) improves the blood flow to the trapezius muscle.

21. Finish the massage by lowering the forearm the medial surface of both hands on his back, pushing down, slowly bred in hand (15).

22. After 5 minutes after the procedure offer the customer a nice Cup of green tea for ultimate comfort. The technique of massage improves mood, eliminates fatigue, has a positive effect on men’s and women’s health; is a good relaxing procedure. It can be used for recovery in rehabilitation centers and beauty salons. This massage is the first step in anti-cellulite program.

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