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Составляем прайс фото

In the previous article we elaborated on the confrontation between a beautician and client. Also the main issue in the struggle for customer retention continued to be the proper presentation of information in the price list of a beauty salon, in the brochures and in the awareness of professionals about the procedures (especially the sun).

It Enough to simply buy professional cosmetics and jars with words to describe the effect? Is it enough to just write “Facials”, “care for face», «price…”? Understand whether the customer is what we mean by such a “succinct” header?

Let’s Start with the price. The price of the beauty salon should ideally consist of sections on activities: face care, body care, hand care and feet, balneotherapy, Solarium, hairdresser, makeup services, etc. according to the services rendered.

Prepare a section of the price of beauty, which belongs to the treatments for the face

In the treatments for the face we pay attention to the face and not leave without attention the neck and décolletage. Also, when performing complexes for the face, neck and décolleté area we address several questions. For example, cleaning, moisturizing and lifting. This is a separate procedure that we are bringing together specially selected for the client the complex. Based on the foregoing, the most logical section called “Program for face, neck and décolleté”. Now consider the flow of the program the price of beauty.

Составляем прайс фото

The program Name must contain the name of the greeter and the purpose of this program is: a moisturizing, lifting, etc. for Example, not just “the Lifting program for the face, neck and décolleté” and “Modeling mineral shell – Express lifting”. Next should follow a brief description of the main effects of the procedure are understandable to the client language. For example, “non-Surgical lipo-modelling of the face, chin, neck and decollete. The maximum relaxation plus skin lifting and toning of the subcutaneous tissue. Increase the effect of SPA-mesotherapy, peels, serums SPANI”. With the name of the functionality and figured out. Please note that there must be a numbering and, if possible, photos of the procedure.

This column is for the name with the functionality – the time (in minutes) of the procedure. Should ukazati time. The client should know exactly how much time he will spend a specialist. Then with the price column (in UAH).

The Price of beauty shop it is best to print on letterhead, but if this is not, then there must be a header with indication of the name of the salon and the slogan.

Now let’s discuss the writing of advertising brochures for clients of the salon. The size of the booklet pick up at your discretion. The booklet must be: salon logo, slogan, phone numbers to record and, if available, website. The text of the advertising message should be short, understandable and contain the appeal in the form of an invitation or a strong recommendation. The list of services, take out price — let customers see familiar names. For the background of the booklet not choose the stones and the flowers and the photo salon, photo specialists in the work and photos of happy customers. Not all prohibited you arrange it.

Good luck in the grateful work to attract customers!

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