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Thanks to the combination of massage and a professional makeup, each therapist cosmetologist can improve on what is given, change what you can, to enhance the beauty and to enjoy the potential of their business.

No secret that one of the results of operations of the massage therapist-cosmetologist is making a profit. And the profit he gets, doing the sale yourself as an expert and, accordingly, services and beauty products for professional and home use. However, such a result is possible only when customers realize that the desired result they can only get from you, using only your services and offer you professional beauty products.

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The Success in this matter will guarantee two components:

  1. professionalism of service provision;
  2. guaranteed result from the use of drugs.

But do not forget that your service or products should really be directly relevant to the needs of customers. It is equally important that this is understood and the customers themselves – and this is one of the major problems of modern methods of promotion on the market as a specialist and professional cosmetics.

But do not forget that your service or products should really be directly relevant to the needs of customers. It is equally important that this is understood and the customers themselves – and this is one of the major problems of modern methods of promotion on the market as a specialist and professional cosmetics.

Comfort client

The most important thing for the client in the massage – is comfort, and at all stages of the procedure. In creating this comfort massage therapist will help 10 postulates guarantee efficiency and comfort.

General assumptions

  1. Neatness, kindness massgiste, clean and pleasant antrage of the Cabinet. Because this is the first thing that draws the attention of the client.
  2. Professionalism weightGesta in communication. speech, voice, tact, correctness, intelligence, competence and expertise in matters relating to medicine, massage techniques, cosmetics and novelties on the market.
  3. Providing mentaltion to the client’s security. When the client lies on a couch, you need it to cover. Otherwise, on a psychological level the customer the feeling of insecurity, discomfort. It really can be cold. Therefore, it is necessary to disclose only that part of the body with which the therapist is working on at the moment. Addiction of the client and the hot season we do not consider here.
  4. Tea ceremony. do Not let the client’s home immediately after the procedure, I mean if he doesn’t hurry. Offer him a drink or a Cup of tea together with the masseur, or in a specially designated place.

Professional postulates

  1. Choice. The client always need to provide a range of treatments and products, i.e. to demonstrate a variety of massage techniques and products, which the therapist works. The popularity of a brand (brand with a worldwide reputation), drugs which you offer your client a wide assortment of office products (not one drug on the shelf, and a variety of tools) evidence in favor of the professionalism of the masseur. The client will understand that he will care for all parts of the body is not one tool, but will approach this from an aesthetic point of view, multi-faceted, providing a choice of scents, drugs, and hence the choice of focus of care (strengthening, weight loss, etc.) and pricing policy.
  2. The purity of the body of the client. To start the care you need with the cleansing gel. If in the cabin there is a shower, you can send the client to take a shower or rinse with a damp towel on a massage table or spa bed. This is very important in nursing. Because basically the client comes to a massage after work. Naturally, the skin will be the dirt, the sweat, the smell, and if you do not perform cleansing, then applied over this cream or oil will penetrate the skin together with the dirt particles patai. You should also take into account the fact that the client will feel discomfort and discomfort because of him coming from bad breath. If you do not provide him with a sense of purity and, therefore, comfort, to be sure, the second time it won’t happen to you.
  3. Preparation of the skin. Also a mandatory element of the care – exfoliation and cleansing of the skin dead cells Horny and ready for the next stage of care. Scrub deep cleanses, opens the pores and promotes better and quicker penetration of subsequent preparations, makes the skin smooth and silky.
  4. The scheme of work. On the example of the most common treatments in spa will review existing schemes of work. What to do first: massage, and then wrap or wrap and then a massage? What determines the sequence? The scheme of work produced with the client in the beginning, when collecting history. For example, here is what will be our actions if necessary, various treatments:
  • anti-aging-care – cleaning the skin with shower gel, scrapiron, do massage on the massage preparations, then performed the wrap on for 20 minutes and apply the final product;
  • anti-cellulite treatment or care for weight loss – cleaning the skin with shower gel, scrapiron performed by the wrap, then do the massage and apply a finishing product. The wrap starts the process of lipolysis (the breakdown and removal of fat from fat cells), and the massage improves blood circulation and the removal of fat and waste products of cells into the bloodstream.
  • the lymphatic drainage and eliminate puffiness – cleaning the skin with shower gel, scrapiron performed by the wrap, then do the massage and apply a finishing product. The wrap starts the mechanism, stimulating lymphatic drainage and elimination of liquids, and massage of the mechanism is enhanced.
  1. The application of different drugs on different parts of the body. Is wrong and unprofessional to perform a full body massage with one tool. For each part of the body there is a drug. For the hands you must use cream for hands, massage of feet and shins – foot cream. During the wrap (20–25 minutes) you can perform the massage of hands or feet, but always with a focused use of drugs. It is better not to charge a fee for that, and to introduce as “free Supplement”, service. Believe me, the client will be pleased, he will appreciate it and will come back to you, and more than once. And most importantly – he will tell his friends that “the” massage offer this service during the wrapping and not take money for it. Rest assured, this will attract more clients and consequently earnings.
  2. Completeness of care. After the therapist or the client itself will wash away the wrap, the skin will need to moisturize and nourish. After use of tap water, the skin will be somewhat dried, and the massage the client may feel some discomfort from greasy or oily appearance massage tools on the body. There are the final preparations that nourish, moisturize, give a pleasant smell to the body and remove the greasy feeling to the skin, ensuring a comfortable condition. Constantly following these tenets, the therapist grows in the eyes of the customer as a professional, and the client, in turn, begins to feel more relaxed and comfortable, showing his trust in you and the location. Remember: the man always pays for the service and the result. Give him the desired comfort and result, and the result will surpass not only him, but also your expectations.


Массаж фотоSpecialists from more than 70 countries around the world, people of different nationalities and cultures, work on professional cosmetics. They trust the products lines to care for different skin types. However, despite all the differences, these professionals unites the belief that high quality cosmetics gives extraordinary results. They are convinced that the professional cosmetics you can trust, since companies with a world name creating cosmetics – it’s real art. And only such a symbiosis between cosmetics and medicine, which is scientifically proven quality, backed up by test results that guarantees the satisfaction of desires and needs of the client, and this is our aim.

A professional should understand that manual massage is definitely good, but it’s not holistic, complete care. Yes, the massage improves the metabolism in tissues and has a positive effect on the human condition. But the massage will never be able to moisturize and nourish the skin, perform a deep cleansing of the skin, enter the bloodstream and give the body the nutrients quickly and efficiently to start the process of lipolysis in the cells. Just as professional products and will not be able to achieve the effect that has on the body massage.

Therefore, only the complementary combination of professional and professional cosmetics able to bring the desired result. There is an opinion that nothing is better than manual massage effects on the body, skin and health. While some experts do not welcome the application of wraps and professional tools for body, while others use only natural oils and massage make preparations. And some are cheaper means, mistakenly believing them to be effective.

Based on experience, education and knowledge, I want to say the following:

  1. Why reinvent the wheel if specialized companies already facilitate the work of massage therapist?
  2. To create a “right” and effective medication, you must have a minimum of education and specialization, and as a high – medical laboratory;
  3. A client who can pay money for massage, wants his body smelled the aroma of his chosen drug, and not eager when you apply olive oil to smell like a salad;
  4. The use of low-cost drugs, alas, does not always lead to idemoto result;
  5. Hand massage has a positive effect on the body and skin, but can not make the skin elastic, firm, smooth, moisturize and give her vitamins, micro-and macronutrients.

Increase efficacy

Important component in the complex of spa programs along with massage is the wrap – effective and ideal tool to achieve the expected results. During this procedure, also used in professional beauty products. In confirmation of the effectiveness of body wraps it is possible to result following arguments.

  1. 100% natural formulations. It is important that the wraps are not used chemicals, and all products are environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients.
  2. Penetration. Raw materials mostly used method mikronizatsii that makes the active ingredients easily accessible. The degree mikronizatsii reaches 3–4 microns (for example:
    the size of a red blood cell – 7 microns), i.e., a piece smaller than a blood cell. This means instant penetration into the blood and therefore rapid achievement of the result.
  3. ВThe influence of self-heating, cryo – and contrasting wraps. Self-heating wraps are not only enjoyable and physiological procedure, but very useful – they dilate blood vessels, activate blood circulation, enhance the permeability of the epidermal barrier. Activating by heating the sweat glands located in the skin, can affect the increased sweating and the excretion of various harmful substances from the body.

Under optimal for this process a temperature of 40° C through the open pores of the sweat and sebaceous glands is double exchange: water-soluble vitamins, active substances, trace elements and minerals penetrate deep into the skin and to the surface through open pores to remove waste products and toxins.

The procedure of hot wraps stimulates the process of lipolysis-the breakdown and excretion of lipids from adipocytes, dissolves and softens the dense fibrous bands in liposclerotic (cellulite), normalizes metabolism. Cold (cryo) wraps constrict and strengthen the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, stimulate detoxification (toxins and products of metabolism into the blood and lymph and are excreted by the kidneys and liver), relieve swelling, improve lymphatic drainage(lymphatic drainage), improve skin tone, help to strengthen the tissues and weight loss. Usually the cold wraps are made locally, i.e. on any part of the body. It is cold wrap in the first place is recommended to people with varicose veins. Through these procedures by acting on problem areas solve the local problems of excess weight, derived from excess tissue fluid and blood circulation. Especially cool displayed in the program whose professional activity is connected with long standing in uncomfortable position and unsuitable footwear, as well as effective for rehabilitation after phlebosclerosing.

Contrasting wraps today are becoming more common. First apply a hot wrap for areas with dense fat layer, and then locally on the problem areas impose a cold wrap to tone up. Typically, these wraps effective in areas with loose skin, and for toning skin after childbirth (but not lactation), but also in the case of active weight loss and age changes.

Thus, proper combination of massage and professional cosmetic products in spa treatments plays an important role in getting desired result for the client and for the expert.

Denis Demidov – Founder and teacher “ТРЕНИНГ-ЦЕНТР ДЕНИСА ДЕМИДОВА”.

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