The service in the beauty salon – the best gift to modern man

Features of male and female cosmetology actually lie not so much in physiology or medicines, but in mentality, emotions, and habits of men, marketing, and service of your services. Whatever you use, whatever assembled the cabin, if you are a woman and think like a woman, respectively – offer a purely ‘feminine” services. Men they will not go.

Услуга в салоне красоты — лучший подарок современному мужчине фото

So, the difference – in psychology:

Comfort for women need to communicate with their own kind and the variety of new experiences. In social terms, a woman needs to maintain beauty and youth. The age of the woman shy, and the sores are eager to share with others. This is why many beauticians have two or three cosmetic place in one room, and have no problems with clients that are willing to communicate during the procedures. A woman does not mind to try something new, even if I have to suffer discomfort and even pain. The biggest problem women – the weight, the wrinkles and folds.

Man – individualists. To relax the man have privacy and quiet. In society, man needs to look prestigious. Man important personal service. His domain – age, status and health. But he just wants to look younger than their age. In the habits of men ’ s conservatives. Solid abdomen – pride “real” men. Besides, the man who earned a place in the sun, and escaped from picking it in the car, home repairs, want to forget calloused hands.

As a beautician woman will offer new experiences, socialize, give an unforgettable experience, give me something to chat about with friends. Now this becomes a new SPA. The man also organize privacy, relax and respite will help us to solve health problems (back, muscles), «over” favorite procedure, emphasize the promotion of its status and social capital in the eyes of others. It’s possible, SPA – what you need.

Услуга в салоне красоты — лучший подарок современному мужчине фотоThere are just a few of the services to which men will go more or less willingly: bath and hydro massage (for relaxation, rehabilitation and back muscles); massage (same); SPA manicure (status as a decent person). Men are sensitive about balding hair. But cutting, scraping and pinching yourself will not give every. Besides, the man cannot tolerate the pain. Maybe with the filing of the wife, every five years you can get for cleaning…

Thus, cosmetologists, seriously intending to do male clients, I advise you to start with different price lists – pink and blue. Pink on the cover – flowers and blue – the ships and tanks. It’s like “M” and “G” – from the beginning, and up to the different accessories. Start small, slowly pulling the male customers in the habit of caring for your hair, so your health and appearance. I assure you – your status will pay a man more than a woman – for the beauty. By the way, start at least with her husband.

Of all cosmetic technologies recommend the SPA as the most versatile, effective and prestigious. The only restrictions men ’ s phyto-estrogens and anti-cellulite program. Everything else – lifting, SPA-peeling, meso, cryo-SPA, massages, Anti-aging, SPA manicure and pedicure, etc. please.

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